Usage and Storage tips

1) General information
Abrasive products can break and therefore they should be handled with great care. The use of damaged or incorrectly fit abrasives is dangerous and can cause serious damage to both operators and all persons present in the working area where the abrasive process is occurring.

2) Handling, transport and storage
All abrasive products should be handled, used and carried with care. They should be stored in a dry place protected from frost and kept away from heat, wet walls, doors or windows. They should be ideally stored at a temperature between 18° C and 22° C and at a relative humidity between 45% and 65%. The abrasive products should be stored in their original packages so as to avoid any mechanical damage.

3) How to select the right abrasive
All information written on the label or on the abrasive as well as any use restrictions, safety instructions and other kind of precautions should be read and respected. If heavy removal is required we recommend you select a coarser grit instead of increasing the operating pressure. Excessive pressure can slow speed down, increase temperature and put both the abrasive and the machine tool under excessive stress which could result in breakages. BIBIELLE, after sales service, distributors and retailers, is always at your disposal for any advice you might need on the most suitable product to be used in any given application.

4) Visual check
All abrasive products should be visually checked before being fit. Damaged or out-of-date abrasives should never be used and should be destroyed.

5) How to fit and prepare the abrasive product
All abrasive products should be fit following the instructions provided by BIBIELLE and the manufacturer of the machine tool on which the product is going to be fit. All abrasive products should only be fit by competent, highly skilled and trained personnel. Once fit, every abrasive product should be subjected to a rotation test for a reasonable period of time (never exceed the maximum operating speed recommended). Always read and follow the user manuals supplied by BIBIELLE.

6) Further information
Besides reading the instructions given by BIBIELLE, we recommend you: 1) read the user manual of the grinder; 2) set up guards before operating the machine tool; 3) never start any grinding operation unless guards are set up; 4) use appropriate personal protection equipment according to the type of machine tool and application; for instance goggles or face masks, ear plugs, dust masks, safety shoes, gloves and other protective clothing; 5) only use the abrasive product for the intended purposes (read and follow use restrictions, safety instructions as well as any other relevant information); 6) never use cut-off discs for grinding and removing applications. If a cutting operation is to be made using a portable machine tool, the wheel should be kept perpendicular to the cutting area; 7) switch off the motor and make sure that the abrasive product has come to a stop before laying the portable grinder on the work bench or on the floor; 8) the wheel fit on the portable machine tool should never be subjected to force when brought into contact with the workpiece.