The global number one event of the hardware world is entering the next round: From 4 to 7 March 2018, the global industry will present the most important innovations of the year at EISENWARENMESSE – International Hardware Fair Cologne.

Bibielle and the abrasive world

Bibielle is an independent and private owned company that has done its best over the years to have projects that focus in giving customers innovative quality products together with a high standard of service in terms of technical and logistical assistance. Bibielle has always pursued the goal of giving its’ partners a reliable person of

Continuous abrasive technology updating

Bibielle has always wanted to continuously update and revise production processes through the introduction of modern and sophisticated machinery, guaranteeing constant improvement and growth. We believe that what most users seek on an industrial scale is the constancy in performance of our products. Also, during this year, 2016, Bibielle has been investing in the latest

Product customization

Assuming that each application, as concerning the use of abrasive products, is different, Bibielle has over the years developed a belief that it is not always satisfactory to approach the market with pre-defined items. This conviction has been followed in several achieved projects that have brought to the realization of specific products to meet and

Laboratory tests

Bibielle has facilities and equipments for testing products. In order to ensure and maintain high performance and constant efficiency of items, all our products are constantly monitored during production.