Surface Conditioning

What is it about?

What is Surface Conditioning?

Surface Conditioning is an innovative abrasive material. The main difference to traditional abrasive products is the three-dimensional that is, it has a considerable thickness compared to the most common and well known abrasive cloths.
In fact, the Surface Conditioning is made of an abrasive part evenly distributed through a three-dimensional network of nylon filaments reinforced by a technical fiber support. We can therefore affirm that this material has two different technologies: textile and chemical.

Applications and advantages

The use of Surface Conditioning is absolutely captivating in all those applications where the surfaces of metals to be treated must be particularly respected, in both forms and finishing quality. It is not easy to clean, polish and satin finish a metal part with a non-flat surface with hard to reach areas as difficult as well as when operating on angles, wedges or circular metal.
It is a feature of the three-dimensional of surface conditioning that makes it flexible and cushioned allowing you to work in all the situations described above and avoiding typical problems of excessive material removal and non-respect of original shapes of metals related to traditional abrasives.
Where an innovative and exclusive metalworking technology exists or where the metal to be treated is of particular value, Surface Conditioning finds the right application.