О Компании

Bibielle started its activity in 1965. Over 50 years of growth, development and innovation with the use of exclusive technologies in order to achieve the highest quality level.

Since the very beginning of its activities, Bibielle has chosen the path of innovation and uncompromising quality.
Each year, the company employs considerable financial resources in Research & Development to continue in improving production processes and technologies.

Currently, efforts are especially concentrated on the three-dimensional abrasive materials: Surface Conditioning, Strip-it, Unitized and Convolute.
Thanks to this commitment, today, Bibielle’s three-dimensional products are known and appreciated worldwide for their high quality features. This offers a concrete added value in terms of durability, removal and quality of finish.

In 2020 Bibielle became part of the TYROLIT Group. The family-owned company based in Schwaz, Austria, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of grinding and dressing tools.

PA 6.6 Fiber and Yarn and Water Cooling process

BIBIELLE FIBER Company owns a unique and exclusive technology for manufacturing the highest quality PA 6.6 fiber and yarn through a water cooling process.
Thanks to this process, the fiber can be modulated according to customers’ needs, offering a unique quality standard.