Bibielle's offers a wide range of Convolute logs and unitized plates manufactured with the latest technology to provide best finishing combined with high tear resistance and long lifetime.

The main applications for these products are deburring, blending and finishing variety of materials such as all kinds of metals, plastic and composite materials.

Some application fields can be: design objects, surgical instruments, aircraft engines, components of turbines, boat stainless steel and metal parts, chemical and food processing tools and tanks, cutlery and jewellery, hand tools, threaded parts, jet blades and vanes.

Unitized and Convolute wheels are similar types of product, but with important differences: Unitized wheels tend to be smaller in diameter, usually 150mm or less, making them ideal for use on portable power tools or for working on intricate shapes; Convolute wheels, being larger in diameter, usually 150mm or over, are ideal for stationary or robotic machines.